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A Full-Service Property Management Firm.

Services that drive performance, no matter the scale.

Real estate has provided generations of investors with wealth. However, portfolio performance and strength has historically been reserved for those with specialized knowledge, the right connections and access to large amounts of capital.

With four decades of knowledge and industry leading expertise, Phillip's Real Estate is your Asset Management Partner. 


Property Management

Through our highly focused process and unparalleled service offerings we navigate our client's investment's and keep them one step ahead of the competitive and ever evolving landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

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A seamless construction project requires​ valuable resources and a vetted process.


Due Diligence

Since inception in 1977, Phillips Property Management has been deeply embedded in each market. Our highly vetted and seamless process enables us to align your investment goals and achieve scaleable returns.


Sophisticated datasets aid the due diligence process. While our review process focuses the property, its location, characteristic and condition.






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Maintaining value and efficiency for Associations. Our experienced association managers build trust and prepare detailed plans to achieve association goals.



Right now because of the current moratorium qualifying tenants is critical in the performance and preservation of real estate assets. Phillips thorough screening process and system ensures quality tenants. 

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The Phillip's Advisory team specializes in strategic planning to increase the value of your currently owned or prospective real estate investments.

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