The Top 5 Helpful Tips For Keeping your drains Clean, Clear, and Unclogged.

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to navigate common issues pertaining to clogged drains. You are always encouraged to maintain a clean and healthy environment, see below for our top tips for keeping your drains clean, clear, and unclogged.

Keeping Your Drains Clean & Clear

We believe in prevention and recommend that drains are cleaned once a week. In the event you come across a blockage, we suggest trying these easy remedies before calling a plunger or your property management.

  1. Maintain the bathroom drain stoppers. Remove the "pop-up" stopper in your bathroom sink, clear out any debris that are in the drain, clean the stopper and reinsert it.

  2. To clean out your shower drain, remove the stopper and use a hair catching brush or a bent wire brush to remove the hairs and debris.

  3. Use a plunger.

  4. For shower clogs, try a drain cleaner such as "Draino". If the issue needs further aide, remove the drain stopper and try a metal wired clothes hanger with a bent tip that can go in and grab what may be a hair, soap, and debris clog.

  5. Deep clean your tub, bathroom and sinks every other week.

Have a Clogged Drain?

Always be mindful about what you put down your drains , because the best way to keep them clear is to limit what goes in them. Knowing how to prevent clogged drains is the key to keeping our plumping systems in good shape. Read through some of our prevention tips and unclogging techniques below!

  1. Keep grease out of the kitchen sink. Keep food, coffee grounds, and all trash out of the drains.

  2. Leftover food should be disposed of in the trash or a compost, not the kitchen sink garbage disposal.

  3. No grease should go into drains. All liquid grease should be poured into a sealable container to cool, and then placed in the trash or taken to recycle.

  4. Be careful about what you flush. Toilets are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, nothing else. Hygiene products, hair, dental floss, paper towel and like items should always be placed in the trash.

  5. Soap scum and hair should be kept out of drains, kitchen and bathroom. A helpful tool for preventing clogged drains is to cover your drains with a mesh screen or perforated shower drain hair catcher.

Need Help?

At Phillips Real Estate we pride ourselves in being able to aide in providing an unparalleled lifestyle and quality of life. If you have any questions or issues pertaining to drain blockages, maintenance, and repairs please feel free to reach out to us.

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