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Home on the Water

Written by Phillips RE|September 05, 2014|Uncategorized

Iconic Sleepless in Seattle house boat on Lake Union Iconic Sleepless in Seattle house boat on Lake Union[/caption] There are many options out there for different types of living arrangements. We have written about the small home or micro-homes on this blog a few times. Another type of small home (but not quite the small price) are house boats. This weekend there is a Floating Homes tour put on by Seattle Floating Homes Association’s - you do need to buy tickets for the event, but if you do you will be able to check out homes on the Westlake shore and Eastlake shore of Lake Union. This article from the Seattle Times gives you a sneak preview to one of the homes on the tour. Living small and simply, with a waterfront view and a boat for commuting, sounds like a nice plan!

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