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Spring is coming and will be here sooner than we expect, which means longer days and in most cases better weather. This article from the folks at Houzz has a list of To Do's that should be done in March to prepare for the spring. This is the time of year to plant trees, if you own your home or if you get permission from your landlord. This is also the time of year to check the exterior of your home for leaks, cracks and any other damage the elements of the winter weather might have made. Spring... Continue Reading

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What are renters looking for this year in their rental apartments and condos? Most new renters are looking for high quality amenities, this article from Multi-Housing News highlights what prospective tenants are looking for. In newer buildings, tenants want community space, high tech enhancement, and work out or exercise facilities. People moving into newer luxury buildings want functional and high end designs in their unit. They want their home to look great, but they also want to feel... Continue Reading

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Last week, Mayor Ed Murray announced an ambitious goal to add 50,000 housing units in the city of Seattle. The units would phase in over the next ten years through partnerships with the non-profit, public and private sectors. This goal is the responsibility of a 28 person team, called the Housing Affordability and Livability Advisory Committee (HALA). They are responsible for figuring out how this will work and will need to have a plan in place by May. The details of the Mayor's goal and... Continue Reading

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There are many options out there for different types of living arrangements. We have written about the small home or micro-homes on this blog a few times. Another type of small home (but not quite the small price) are house boats. This weekend there is a Floating Homes tour put on by Seattle Floating Homes Association's - you do need to by tickets for the event, but if you do you will be able to check out homes on the Westlake shore and Eastlake shore of Lake Union. This article from the... Continue Reading

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